Monday, October 04, 2004

Bloggers had role in the debates

Blogging played a key role in the debate last week as it kept a real-time commentary on the event. It's all about trying to shape the public perception about the candidates. It happened during the Republican and National conventions. As soon as a party's candidate said something at the convention, it was put out on the blog where the opponent's camp could have a comeback. It gave the candidates an opportunity to immediately respond where they couldn't do that if the web didn't exist. Without the blog, candidates would have to wait for the next broadcats or the next press run to get the message out. During the debate, it was also pointed out bu the blogegrs of the demeanor of the candidates. Like judging a prize fight, the bloggers went round and round and told people who scored points for this and that. In the end, they came up with a winner and informed the public who was the winner of the debate. ho won for style, content and anything else they were giving poiints for. Bloggers were informing those who weren't there. There were plenty of people in Florida, whos till were without any news sources because of the candidates, who had computers fired up to read blogging news from the debates. Bloggingt he debates can be imformative, but it also doesn't give a crisp, clear picture, eitehr. Again, you're reading opinions and heresay. You're reading someone who looks into the meaning, not just writing what thet're saying, but injecting opinions. hat's what creates the problem with blogging. Sending an unclear message because of a lack of fundamentally strong facts, and not being able to go where professional journalists go to get those important building block foundations.


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