Monday, October 11, 2004

Bloggers have influence

It seems bloggers, in the way they are sewing information through the Internet, are having a profound effect on the way Political coverage is being given by the news media. I guess, the mass media has no ability to think on its own and are using bloggers as a gauge to see where the emphasis should be given to what is covered and what isn't. I thought that's why they had editors. They are specifically hired to give out assignments and no what the important issues are. if bloggers know they have the power to hold the media captive to what they believe are the issues, we will not have any bias reporting. Blogegrs are a self-serving lot of computer geeks, who get their high from thinking they are a powerful lot. True, they do have a part in the entire blogoshere writing game, but they aren't the most powerful mass media technological wiz-kids in the market. Traditional journalists and their editors should know where the biggest impact can be made with good, valuable and solid reporting. Don't let the bloggers think they are more important than they are. Otherwise, we'll be creating more problems than we already have.


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