Monday, October 11, 2004

Blogging is the way to go

In an article I just read, blogging seems to be the preferred mode of communication because of its instantaneous ways. One can write a story and link all over with strengthening information as well as other articles to go along in supporting the news story. People seems to like the blogs because they don't have to wait for a story to be dissected, checked and released by the traditional fathers of the fourth estate. It seems people don't want to wait anymore. That's been an argument for a long time. We're a "got to know now" society and we want our news now. That's how we work and those mass media outlets who work in the realm of split-second timing will succeed. That's why even the evening news likes to lead with a breaking news story. People want fresness. They want to constantly be updated and that's why blogging seems to be ever-so popular. I guess, people can waddle through the lack of factchecking that goes on. As long as they have soemthing new to talk about. This is all they care about. Don't bother if the facts are a little lame. As long as it's a new story. As long as they have something to talk about. That's all that matters.


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