Sunday, October 31, 2004

Blogs are "The New Tool of The Century"

Web logs, or "blogs," can be the most tedious of cyberfare — often no more than online diaries of people whose lives weren't nearly as interesting as they thought. But as the blogging fraternity exploded in the past several years its membership diversified to include respected businesses and a range of opinions gaining prominence in the media world.An eclectic mix of voices now dot a blogging universe that tackles subjects ranging from politics to literature to pop culture. Blogs are being used as a new millennium version of protest, a cyber soapbox gaining a loyal following in a world no longer anxious to stage sit-ins. And businesses are using them as a resourceful way to speak to customers. For the bloggers themselves, a simple passion for writing has turned many into semi-celebrities, a new brand of writers and entrepreneurs using cheap Web space to forge unusual careers. But can they expect to carve out a living solely on their blogs?


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