Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Campaign rhetoric becoming tiring

It seems all the Presidential candidates are doing are attacking each other on the issues and offering any solutions to resolution. It makes one really tired of the campaign trail and very pleased Election Tuesday is just six days away. We're forgetting what the issues are and and just attacking what the candidates are sayinf. John Kerry seems to offer little in the way of solutions right now and it's making a hard-line Democrat upset and leaning to the Republican side. Now, it seems we're better off to go with the man and not the party. The Democratic party is not what is at stake, here, but the country. Stick with the issues, offer hope with resolution and may the best man win. Get rid of this name-calling anf finger-wiggling crap. You know, the bloggers may be doing the best campaign reporting of this campaign. At least you don't get bullshit with the as-a-matter-of-fact hype.


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