Monday, October 11, 2004

Creativity assignment

Dr. Morgan asked us to read and write pieces on creativity.
It's interesting to note that I have been reading on the very exact subject. It's interesting what Freud and Carl Gustav Jung have to say on creativiue. Jung says creativity is anything can be anything. The main thing is to achieve individualization and having a wholeness when you're conscious as well as unconscious. Jung found out that the important thing is to organize and symbolize the elements of unconscious and write about them. That's where the creativity is. Freud says creativity is how we draw material out of ourselves.He says there is an involuntary presence in our dreams, where we can have rational control over our imagination. Artistically or literary creativity occurs when reason increases to police the imagination and our productive fantasy is given a free reign. When we have a conflict in our lives, we sometimes go into an escape mode and make the conscious unconcious. Like the critic Foucault said, it's not enough being a writer. You have to experience or things have to be determined. That's where your your experiences. No one cares who wrote something, but many care what you have done and experienced. That's the important part. It's like Henry James said about the novel, it's not the writer but what is written that's the enlightenment. No one cares about a book title or who wrote it. It's the things that are written inside which jump out at you that are important and worth remebering. What difference does it make who wrote it. It's the knowledge and power that's created in something. ANything and everything you write is creative. It's your own individual work that make sit creative.


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