Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Define before teaching

It's great that journalism departments and schools are beginning to teach the essentials of online journalism. But the question is, should they teach about software or writing online. Well, you have to learn to crawl before you walk. Baby steps are necessary, because people won't be so intimidated if they know something about computers before they start to use them. You just can't throw someone into a fire and expect them to not burn themself. Teach what a computer is all about and the positive aspects one can derive. It's like a blogs and wiki class. Some of us are scared to do anything without the fear of something bad happening. If we had some knowledge of what a computer and the Internet are all about, the rest is easy. It's fun and easy once you have some basics. You can also learn as you go along, but ypu have to have an understanding about the media you're going into. Then, comes the learning to write fot he Internet is all about. Once you have a working knowledge, one doesn't want to stop and get off.


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