Saturday, October 23, 2004

Embrace bloggers

Bloggers in Pennsylvania said newspapers should embrace them...not fear them. "I consider myself to be a media filter," Daily Kos's Moulitsas told the audience in Bethlehem. He doesn't do reporting, and he's adament that he's not a journalist. He needs newspapers and their staffs to do what they've always done -- report, write, produce articles -- that he can use raw masterial for his blog."I think of blogging as throwing spitballs from the back of the class," said Cox, aka Wonkette. And she knows she needs the journalists at the front of the room, as targets for her spitballs.At its best, the relationship between traditional newspaper reporters and bloggers is a very successful and effective feedback loop. Reporters learn something and write an interesting article about it.Bloggers use that article as the basis for commentary or comedy or whatever, and, in so doing, direct readers to the reporter's article, getting his or her work more attention. Then, using what Power Line's Hinderaker called the "incredible power of the Internet to bring together thousands of bits of information from people around the country," more information relevant to the original article comes back to the reporter, helping his or her understanding of the topic covered become even more accurate and nuanced. It's the same understanding newspapers must have for the new wave of advertising.


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