Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Everyone will become a journalist

It's happened in South Korea already. Now, it's the goal to carry it over to the United States where evry citizen is a reporter. In a way it's already happened. Every night, on the news, we see film footage provided by amateur ohotographers, whether it's a guy getting beat up by police, a traffic accident, a weather-related story or something locally that's not being covered by the big-wigs of the news industry. It's almost getting to be like blogging. Unsolicited pictures of different news stories pop up on the Internet or pop up in a reporters e-mail box. The thing is, is that the average Joe is contributing to the newscast or reports without being asked. But sometimes the mass media biggies will solicit pics and news, too. So, while we don't want bloggers interfering with blogging their opiniosn and pictures, we're asking them for news tips, phots and suggestions. So, it's kind of a Catch-22. Do we or don't we want their help. Let's make up our minds.


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