Sunday, October 31, 2004

Fairness is a question

We're so worried about why young people, or anyone for that matter isn't reading a newspaper, but a couple of articles recently published explain all of that. It seems some of the newspapers are filtering stories to the liberal candidates before they are known to anyone else. That isn't fair, but gives the bloggers and Internet networks plenty of ammo in saying that American readers of the traditional media are not getting the story and are being spoon-fed to how much they want you to know. Little by little we are being told what to read, when to read it, how much to know and how much is enough. This is what is getting the amateur journalists upset and they have a right to their anger because of stunts the New York Times pulls.A lot of people thought bin Laden was dead. He’s alive now, and we know it for sure.

The tape shows us that Bin Laden's well enough to do this tape. Some people may find problems with his left arm, but he’s alive and we have not caught him. He escaped at Tora Bora, and he’s still a free man.His tape raises the issue of 9/11 again in very vivid terms. He’s talking about Manhattan, about the people killed, about that terrible day for Americans. This turn of events is a plus for the president because it raises Bush’s concern, one he’s raised throughout the campaign—which is terrorism, and how we fight it. It shifts attention away dramatically from the war in Iraq (which hurts the president, based upon all the assessments so far).Bush’s handling of 9/11 was universally applauded. He's not as successful with the waging and justifying of the war in Iraq.It’s a stupid show in a sense: If you read it literally, he’s calling for the defeat of President Bush, but he's not doing John Kerry a favor. Anyone with a brain in this planet knows that’s a way for President Bush to get support in this country. It’s impossible for us to know if he’s being ironic, clever, shrewd or stupid. In the cold war, Kruschev very much liked John F. Kennedy. He said to Kennedy, “I was rooting for you in the campaign against Nixon, but I did you a favor of never saying so.” The tape also makes fun of the president for being an "inherited monarch." He’s saying the Middle East is run by sons of kings, and by generals and their sons. He says it’s easy for him to deal with Bush because he’s dealt with those monarchs.It’s a trashing of a president. He's treating Bush as one of the “idiot sons of a monarchy” who got their job because of heredity. The tape is also an appeal to the Arab community in the world, using our pro-Israeli alliance and using our support for at-times corrupt dictatorships in the world. We’re talking about a shrewd politician, he knows the sensitive points in the history of the Arab-America relationship and he’s playing on Arab sensitivities very brilliantly. But remember, bin Laden tried to kill 50,000 people on 9/11. He killed only about a tenth that number—thanks to the bravery of our men and women, our firefighters. He’s playing some sick game with the American people. That won’t work with the American people, not any of this will.


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