Thursday, October 07, 2004

Future of webloging

I agree with the article of, "The Future of Weblogging". It is a wonderful tool and used correctly will be the "Great Communication" piece of modern technology and used for years to come, and will naturally be modified to meet the needs of the existing societies. It's a great thing for anyone and everone using the Internet to publish their ideas. It's really a big step forward in being able to share information at a moment's notice. Blogging is so easy to do, too, as the tools are easy to configure, making it easy to go from reader to writer. Don't underestimate the ability to connect people with the information to the people who want it. But bloggers need to qualify the information they have. They need to categorize it so people can go to it immediately. I think it's very practical to tell people what you have, or what your specialty of handling information is. A blogger could be just like a library, but that's where Wikedia comes in, too. In journalism, writers are expected to write on a variety of subjects. one day, they could be covering a murder and the next day and criminal court case or a city council meeting. They have to be a jack of all trades and a master of none of them, while a blogger can focus on his interest and make that information available. People who want answers to a certain subject are able to flag their desire for help. A journalist can't do that. A journalist hopes the audience will be satisfied with his writing and move on. If the reader desires more information, they will have to do more research. Perhaps read more papers, go to the library or watch television. A blogger can link any and all information at their fingertips.
There is a lot to be happy about when blogging. But they aren't journalists. There has to be a fair balance and bloggers don't have that. Journalism involves interviewing people, doing thorough background researching and reasoning.s don't do this. It is not a trait or characteristic of the users of these tools.
Bloggers should write more than one draft of a story. Don't leave a story in the blogsphere that is half written. If bloggers and journalists could work together, that would be a great idea. They both could bring an awareness of new ideas and engage in a great debate. It would also be an ideal time for the publishing industry to increase readership by befriending the bloggers.


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