Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Give Hardblogger credit

MSNBC's "Hardball blogger" is a great tool for the blogger. The CBS "60 Minutes story" about The George Bush Texas National Guard frenzy quickly found its niche in the Blogosphere over so-called documents CBS had presented to question the president's record. Okay, this was a great example of the way blogs advance news stories. Not even 24 hours after CBS reported the story a flock of "conservative" bloggers were all over them. In this case, it was the perfect piece of thechnology to go to to see what people were saying. To see the questions raised about the record. Bloggers gave the first indication to the world these papers which were presented were phony.
But were they intentionally questioning the validity of the documents. Or, were they just being questioned because the "conservatives" didn't want to believe their man in the White House would forge documents and present a picture of war-time service when there wasn't any. Did the bloggers get lucky to break a story as wild as this, or did they know something. And how did they know it? I guess the od adage is: "I'd rather be lucky than good holds true to form in the case."
No matter what their mission was, they did prove one thing: blogs have created a new forum of communication in this new age of technology. Does the future of communication and news reporting lie in the realm of weblogs? I don’t think its possible to make that assessment at this time. But one thing is for sure with the internet available to people all over the world, the generation of weblogging is just in the baby-step stage. Hardblogger should be given some credit for taking the ball and running with it.


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