Saturday, October 30, 2004

Google called a "Parasite"

Internet search firms are 'parasites' that will eventually kill growth in the online publishing industry, according to Associated New Media managing director Andrew Hart. Speaking at the Association of Online Publishers (AOP) conference in London last week, Mr Hart told delegates that the internet is a truly global community and the first information democracy. The web provides billions of pages of information, instantaneous breaking news, and a free, fast competitive marketplace. "Everyone from billion dollar conglomerates to penniless bloggers all have the freedom to publish and exchange information and ideas." said Mr Hart."And from the user point of view, search is the start of online journey. It's as if all the knowledge in the world is just one click away."But he said that search has now become a tool that can be exploited, with specialist agencies paid big bucks by big business to improve their position in search results."This kind of complex distortion is only made available to the big players and will make business in the long term impossible for small firms," said Mr Hart."Spend on search is the fastest growing sector in online advertising spend, so money is flowing to just a handful of online web search brands - and to those with only the biggest marketing budgets."


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