Monday, October 11, 2004

Is blogging changing society?

There's an article about how weblogging is changing society. I don't know if it's true of not. It certainly is being talked about a lot. I don't know how it can change society, unless it makes us more a group of free-thinkers. Again, if we're to ride the new wave of technology, we should have to learn how to use this technology to our benefit. A lot of the Internet has questions on how we're using it. We rely on it a whole lot, yes. But our we making it a scholarly tool for education or are we leaning it on it too much. Are we lazily reaping the rewards of such a positive and impressionable piece of education without doing some legwork ourselves? Yes, I say. We are doing a lot of things in the blogosphere without regard to rules of the game. This can't help us if we're not using it wisely.


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