Monday, October 11, 2004

Is blogging a fad

The main question before getting all worried as to whether blogging and bloggers will take over the world is, is blogging a fad? Or, is it something that will take hold and we'll be running with for years to come. Is it the wave of the future. We can't put the cart before the horse. Maybe, journalists and the world of mass media is getting worked up over nothing. Maybe this is a fly-by-night phenom. Maybe it'll burn itself up, or maybe the novelty will wear off and people will get back to their senses. Maybe the technology will take over, though. Maybe it'll eliminate television and the way the present print media network, or other news gatherers, will bring us the news. Something is in the air. First, bloggers and blogging will have to prove that this can be a respectable technology and will be used for the purpose of good and not eveil. it won't create problems, but satisfy the curiosity of the world and promote further communicative technologies. It has to be proven it will be used to raise ideas and intellectual fortitude, not as an effort to corrupt and intensify Intelelctual Dishonesty. The blogsphere still remains a tool to prove itself worthy of becoming a part of the mass media world


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