Thursday, October 14, 2004

Not everyone loves bloggers

Especially the Iranian government as they are cracking down bloggers who continue to call for government reform. Hey, maybe the United States should take this road. That's the trouble when you live in a Democratic society, you fall back on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, where you can say and do anything you want, no matter who you hurt or affect. A little government control wouldn't hurt these bloggers in the U.S. Certainly, the death penalty or prison is harsh. But have a watchdog on these guys. Afterall, they have government watchdogs making sure no one uses the Internet for terroristic purposes or for mercenary work. Why not weeding out trouble-making bloggers. There's got to be some fair and balanced behavior. No body likes a trouble maker, but I don't think too many bloggers would get away with the crapload of stuff they write in Iran, like they do in the United States. Americans are gluttons for punishment.


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