Monday, October 18, 2004

On-line advertising killing traditional journalism

One of the things that readers don't think about very much is online advertising. But newspapers are fighting for survival when it comes to battling the ad dollars. If people are reading on-line, that means they aren't reading a particular newspaper, which means no ad avenue...the basis of the lifeblood for every newspaper. The journalists, and newspapers, are going to have to find their niche online so they can also use online advertising to their benefit. Evertime one turns on the Internet they are flooded with pop-ups and other types of advertising. And it can be changed constantly. Something a nespaper can not do. Online ads can go from cameras to grocery ads within seconds, while a newspaper can only do this on a daily basis and do it through a ton of stuffers. What would you rather do, have an online source such as a computer to look at ads or go through an eight pound newspaper on Sundays? Would you rather just go on the Internet on Wednesdays to view the grocery ads or make sure you buy a Wednesday newspaper to get the ads. And wonder if you don't make it to the newsstand to get the paper. You don't get the ads for the week and oyu miss out on the specials.


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