Monday, October 11, 2004

Room for a big concern

In the past week, two troubling incidents have raised further questions about the Fox News Channel's commitment to sound journalism.Fox News posted a report on its Web site on Oct. 1 in which the network's chief political correspondent, Carl Cameron, attributed fabricated statements to Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry. Fox News has since removed the story from its Web site and issued a statement saying Cameron had been 途eprimanded.In light of heightened public concern about the accountability and integrity of our media institutions, Fox News must initiate an independent investigation into its own news-gathering processes. And merely reprimanding Cameron is not sufficient. Cameron should be removed from the network's coverage of Kerry's presidential campaign. Allowing him to continue covering Kerry after he has clearly displayed his own bias against the candidate would be inappropriate and journalistically irresponsible. As lies and oversights continue to be exposed at Fox News Channel, one can only hope that the network will respond to these incidents swiftly and in a manner befitting a news organization that claims a commitment to 吐air and balanced・news coverage.


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