Thursday, October 07, 2004

Show me the context, BABY!

Unlike journaists, writer Kate Baggott said, "Bloggeres don't court demographic audiences or inspire desire for something almost completely unattainable, with the almost sitting in the psyche's center in all of its tantalising glory. Bloggers are not like television presenters or trendy newspaper columnists."
No, she's right about that. Bloggers wear the cloak of the Internet where they have names, but aren't required to use real names. Journalists bask in the limelight or they can swelter in the heat of faikure or screwing up. A Blogger should have such a fate for a mistake. If a mistake is made by a blogger it's, "oh well, we'll move on." Journalists are required to corrct the error and accurately depict their topic or subject or be threatened with a lawsuit. It's also true, bloggers don't have to tie th story up into a neat package. They can go on and on even if it's dribble. A journalist has only a little time or a set amount of space to do his or her story in.
Baggot said bloggers possess a magnetism that would repel in any other medium. Bloggers can say anythkng they want. They can be rebellious, cantankerous and mind-soothing. A jolurnalist can't. Bloggers can be sarcastic. They don't necessarily have the audience of a journalist, or write in accordance to the limitations of a deadline. One never knows what a blogger will say. Whether it be political, personal or anythhg else.
True, blogs can be very personable. They can tell about the battle with cancer, the abuse from a father, tales of trips at home or abroad. They can be refreshng, educational and a healing tool for people who relate to these subjects. again, a Blogegrs' tale is personal and for a set audience. You can loook forthese bloggers of certain stories using a search system.
Bloggers cry for help and plead for readership to give immediate understanding. A journalist can not offer this immediacy or hope.
Blogs may be the sign of a new revolution, but it alld epends if one wants to ask about fact or fiction everytime a thought or idea is printed. A journalist, by going through the editor, doesn't worry about this, There has been a fikter of reliable data. A seal of aproval for which a blogger can't have unless they properly link to other sources. There is always a stigma of intellectual dishonesty in a bloggers thought or writing.
Baggot believes in the wisdom of the bloggers and the might of blogs.
"I don't know if my belief," she said, "is ultimatelysustainable or just naieve, but like the lovers I let it bloom in all its good feeling."
It's great to dream.


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