Saturday, October 23, 2004

Sinclair takes lumps

The Sinclair Broacasting Co. is taking its lumps for broadcasting its anti-John Kerry special around the country Friday night. But the Internet has taken another role on as bloggers and other protestors have put together a campaign against is a Internet site where anit-Bush people, as well as those who oppose the Sinclair Broadcasting company can go to read the latest news on what's happening in the grassroots efforts to protest against the media giant. Bloggers are asking readers and those against what the network did to boycott the company.The special aired parts of a documentary, "Stolen Honor," which was critical of Kerry's activities during Vietnam.Numerous Democratic lawmakers have asked the FCC (search) to halt the broadcast, calling it an unpaid campaign ad for President Bush. The FCC declined. Sinclair invited John Kerry to be part of the broadcast, so he could respond to criticisms of him. Kerry declined.It was "A POW Story: Politics, Pressure and the Media," and that it included allegations raised by former POWs about Senator Kerry's antiwar activities.

John Kerry's camp said it would like to have some equal time after the film was shown. Even the Democratic Party wants some answers.


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