Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Some valid points

There are some very sloppy newspapers, as well as sloppy ewspaper reporting. On the other hand, the same can be said about the blogoshere. There are some good blogs and bad blogs, as well as excellent bloggers and bad bloggers. But bloggers blogging about ploitics is more opinionated than journalism. Journalism places opinions on the Op-Ed Page, while bloggers just post and publish. Journalists, who report the news can't afford to be one-sided as opinionated bloggers, who only want their opinions heard.
I know I would rather have a trained journalist telling me the story I am reading, than anuntrained one sewing his crapload of information out on the blog with nothing to back it up.
It seems that journalists and bloggers are riffed on each other's work, analyzing, investigating further, making journalism of different sorts, from one writer to the next. Neither journalism or blogging is going away. They can't live without the other. They need each other, and the CBS case makes it clear that we have a better news world because of the cooperative convesation they make together.
What journalists now have is new watchdogs in the blogosphere.


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