Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Sports Blogging

There was an interesting article in the October 5th edition of the Star-Tribune of the Variety Section talking about sports blogging. Now, here's something that's fun and anyone without any idea of being a sports journalist can do. All you need is to have an unyearning love for sports and a passion to write about your favorite team.in this case, the web sites mentioned we're about the Minnesota Twins. Bloggers spend as much as two hours a night, seven days a week on the blog writing about baseball. The writers said there was never any struggle to find topics as they said all one had to do was watch television, read the papers or listen to th radio. But, then again, who ws providing the initial knowledge of the subject. The real sports journalist who went down into the caverns of the Metrodome to the lockerooms to get the inside scoop. After the initial knowledge, all youhave to do is form opinions of what you're hearing. Again, no journalistic instinct, degree or press credential is needed. Not even a ticket. Although, it's probably great to get the smell of the ballpark in your system onceinawhile.
The Minesota Twins bloggers have gotten hits on their web sites, though from ESPN. Of course, diehard Twins' fans had thought they had died and gone to heaven as they could read Twins news 24/7. [Twins Geek is hosted on startribune.com].
Some of the writing does what journalists have rarely the time to do, and that's to take an in-depth look at the statistics.
A couple of the Twins sites are: http://www.stickandballguy.blogspt.com and http://thebaseballboys.typepad.com/. When asked why other sports aren't blogged, one of the bloggers said baseball is slow and the down-time gives you a chance to think. There's always something to write about, too, because of the length of the season. But the bloggers just don't write about the Twins, either. hey include stories about their Ber League games as well as their kids' teams and about everyday lives. Most of them feel baseball is just a great sport to write about and see.
But this, agaisn, is what Rebecca Blood is writing about and saying. Bloggers can analyze and inject opinions, but it's the real journalist who goes out on a regular beat, writes on deadline pressures and comes out with a story for amateur journalists (bloggers to read about).


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