Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Too much red, white and blue

While we are quick to slap bloggers with the label of being a "homer", we can say the same thing about the traditional journalists, too. For after September 11, we let ourselves get caught up in being too government supported. Some of the journalists have lost their persepctive, focus, in order to support the government in finding the enemy and destroying them. In the meantime, we have lost sight on just who the eenemy is, but I think we can become too much "government" and be blinded for the rah! rah! atmosphere Uncle Same has created in its battle with terorism. Journalists have let the excitement of terorism block their perspective of producing fair and balanced coverage. We blast the bloggers for over-hyping situations. They have an excuse. They really don't understand and let their emotions speak. Journalists can't do this. Readers and viewers want accurate depictions on what is happening int he world, and I think 9-11 has clouded our view of objectivity.


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