Sunday, October 10, 2004

TV anchormen are against Blogging

Network television news anchormen have laid down the battle line lines and thrown off their gloves to duke it out against Blogging, as NBC News' Anchorman Tom Brokaw compared bloggers attacks on Dan Rather's "60 Minutes II" report about President Bush's National Guar service to a "political jihad."
"It was certainly an attempt to demonize CBS News," Brokaw said. "And it goes well beyond any factual information a lot of them has, the kind of demagoguery that is unleased out there."
Brokaw is right. Rather wasn't even off the air yet with his report and bloggers were trying to find a lack of credibility with his sources. Is that right or was it just a good guess in an effort to try to start things up and throw a cloak of falsehood on Rather's report. I think it was a good guess and the bloggers got lucky.
ABC News Anchor Peter Jennings said, "I don't think you ever judge a man only by one event in his career. I think the attack on CBS is an attack on the mainstream media, an attack on the so-called "liberal media." To me, when you make a mistake, you apologize. You go back to review your standards."
Right! Exactly what Rebecca Blood said in chapter six of her book. Admit your mistake. Don't try to brush over it with hope that'll blow over and unforgotten. Because in a presidential campaign people are looking and sniffing for words to turn against one another What you say, you will be held accountable by bloggers if they can turn it into their candidate's favor.
The founder of the, Michael Paranzino said, "Brokaw reads the news but does he understand it. "Jihad is not AMericans demanding reforms from from an arrogant and biased media. Jihad is Islamists mowing down children for sport, blowing up families at Tel Aviv cafes, and in case he forgot terrorists sending jetliners into the World Trade Center and Pentago."
That's not really accurate, either. Jihad is a group or individuals trying to accomplish a goal by any ways and means possible. In this case, Bush's followers have decided to go after Dan Rather and CBS News for misinforming the public and put their cabndidate into a better light. Noone was beheaded or terrorized. But false messages are sent to create an adverse thought about people and candidates. They are doing everything and anything in their power to disrupt the campaign.
After "60 Minutes II" aired their story, bloggers flooded the airwaves with information discrediting the story. Eventually, the documents were found to be fraud or couldn't be substantiated and Rther apologized. Notice, he apologized on the evening news. He admitted his mistake!
There's no question blogging has grown, but they don't necessarily need to be professional journalists and they often break news stories before most news people or agencies do. Some bloggers even offer opinions and an anaylisi of the event. Wrong or right. Facts or no facts, they get on the Internet and start yakking and yipping away, without regard to credibility.
Many of the oldtimers have criticized blogging. Walter Concrite said, "Internet bloggers were "scandalmongers."
"I can't understand how the Internet should have gotten so entirely oblivious to the whole story of libel and slander," Conkrite said. "How is it possible for these people to get on the air with any allegation they want to make, any statement they want to make, as if it were true, as if they were journalists, which they are clearly not? They are scandalmongers."
That's what the freedom of speech has enabled modern technology to do. That's what happens when the Internet is unrelegated and no one has to play by the rules unless they live with a strong conscious throughout their daily lives. a lot of bloggers go out and let the words fall where they may. If they can cause, or stir something up, it's great because they can see their work. It's those Internet thuigs and abusers that will hurt the entire system. They will prevent the bloggers whoa re trying to do good out there from doing good work.
Just with writing a libelous or slanderous story in the mass media can, a blogger who wants to do eveil can ruin a career by lashing out false stories and trashing people on the Internet. The Internet is a child who is very impressionable in its early years. Professional journalists don't want it to be corrupted by those who purposely want to use it for its own evil puposes and agendas.


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