Thursday, October 28, 2004

What is online journalism all about

What is online journalism all about. Here are some top sites that detail some of the important contributions in online journalism over the past five years. More and more people are also turning to the Internet and the web for their news. News organizations are finally starting to realize that online technology can save money, but at the same time they have to define the audience for which they want to reach out, too, which is difficult because everyone's tastes for news is different. Some want hard news, others are happy with the gossip types. Knowing the audience will be the key. Right now, this is where the Internet and bloggers have the upperhand. Readers are going to the bloggers who have the most impact on them. MSNBC is one of the nation's top Internet news sites, because they deliver the style and type of news readers want. Another very good reason for the Internet's success is that online journalism allows a reporter to do much more than a newspaper can. A newspaper's blood is built around column inches, while the Internet can be indefinite in being able to put a story, including important links. A newspaper story can only be told in a limited amount of space, the same with a feature, and can not answer the questions readers have while reading it or after finishing with it. An Internet story can answer almost every question a reader can ask, plus offer a multitude of graphs or pictures to illustrate the story without the fear of cost or using too much newspaper ink. Another factor in blogging versus journalism is the way the stories are being reported. Bloggers seem to have a no-fear style of being challenge, while traditional journalists fear being booted out of the "good old boy" society because they wrote something that didn't flow with the rest of the mainstream. Journalists will have to repoort all the news if their field desires to remain competitive with the blogging society.


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