Wednesday, October 20, 2004

What will the bloggers spew now

Ask the bloggers how long we'll be in the war. They'll know. Because America sure doesn't. It doesn't depend on who wins election to America's presidency.
The answer may depend on whether Americans are willing to stomach what many military analysts believe will be a guerrilla war for years to come.
That's true no matter who wins the presidency in November, and whether or not an Iraqi election takes place in January, a cross section of foreign policy experts said. Iraq's increasingly lethal insurgency has stymied reconstruction and turned large swaths of the country into no-go zones for U.S.-led coalition and Iraqi forces. No major power has hinted that it's willing to send more troops. Germany has ruled that out, and two members of the U.S.-led coalition, Italy and Poland, have talked of withdrawing their soldiers, though neither has yet decided to do so.
With little prospect of a decisive military victory and even less chance of recruiting significant international help, that leaves the next president with the same unpleasant option - continue fighting the insurgency and trying to rebuild the country with roughly the same number of American troops, in the hope that elections in January will turn the political tide against the insurgents and that newly trained Iraqi police and security forces can learn to defeat them. Send thousands more American troops to Iraq in hopes of defeating the insurgency, sealing the country's borders and buying time for a new Iraqi government to get on its feet. Escalation, however, would further strain America's active, National Guard and reserve forces and risk turning even more Iraqis against the U.S.-led coalition. Begin withdrawing American troops and handing the country over to a new government and its newly trained police and security forces. Iraq's defense minister, however, recently told Knight Ridder that American troops could be needed for as many as 15 more years, and a precipitous withdrawal could plunge the country into chaos or even civil war.


Blogger Jonathan said...

Nice entry. I enjoyed it. Though, I think the new police force will be about as effective as the Iraqi soldiers we recruited to help us oust Saddam, completely ineffectual. Think about all these other countries and the para-militaries we're supporting in those countries to fight insurgency. Nothing is working. It doesn't matter how much money we throw at this cause, because we're not fighting "insurgents," as they like to call it. We're fighting the Iraqi people themselves - people who have decided that they're not willing to live in the democratic wonderland we keep talking about, because they see our democracy and think, "but we'll just be ruled by incompetence instead of tyranny!"

That's just my take.

P.S. What's up with all the USA Today links at the bottom of your link section?

October 21, 2004 at 4:07 PM  

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