Monday, October 11, 2004

Working together

Okay. I guess, it's not always we versus them. There has been some co-operation noted when it comes to bloggers versus journalism. Everything isn't always a competition. Like everything else, there are some bloggers who work with the traditional journalists. There are some bloggers who work as free lancers and who's work is highly regarded by the Fourth estate. But what did it take to get that trust? How many times did the bloggers have to prove themselves to get that kind of respect. From the wealth of blogs I have read as well as having a journalistic background, I don't think the overwhelming support has been tossed the Internet's way, yet. There remains a lot of skeptical thoughts about blogegrs. There are too many questions in respect to how blogegrs work and whether or not they are dedicated enough to work through the proper channels of being recognized for their work. There are probably some very good people out there, who are working in cooperation with some mass media people. But it's the amount of bad bloggers that concern me. Blogging hasn't established itself as a member of the Fourth Estate, yet. There are too many questions involving ethics and trust that give them a lack of credibility. So, while yes, there are some bloggers doing good work in helping advance journalism. There are plenty of people doing lazy and horrible work that sets blogging back a little further each day.


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