Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Cell phones gobble-up the news

Lucas van Grinsven reports for Reuters that twice in a month, De Telegraaf, the biggest Dutch newspaper had published front-page pictures shot by amateur photographers using their mobile phones, thus confirming the trend of "using cell phones to snap the news". "Passerby Aron Boskma took a picture with his cell phone at the scene of filmmaker Theo Van Gogh's murder in Amsterdam. News photographers arrived only after the body had been covered. "This picture was the story. There was a discussion if we should use it, but everyone who would have had this picture would have published it," Telegraaf pictures editor Peter Schoonen said. Nordic newspapers have also published photographs taken with mobile phones with built-in cameras. "We offer these pictures if we don't have them ourselves, and only if it's really big news," said ANP(Dutch news agency) pictures editor Leo Blom, adding he too would have distributed the Van Gogh picture to the Dutch media if only it had been offered to him. In Japan, where many people own a camera-equipped cell phone, it has become common to sell pictures to television stations and other media outlets. Chief executive of the world's biggest mobile phone maker Nokia, Jorma Ollila, said at a conference Wednesday that 200 million camera phones are expected to be sold to consumers this year alone. "


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