Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Did anyone learn a lesson

With the dark cloud of scandal over him, Dan Rather announced on Tuesday evening's news that he will step down from the anchor desk, but remain on the payroll of CBS to do special features for "60 minutes II and CBS 60 Minutes. This is kind of peculiar because Rather was involved in the scandal over President Bush's National Guard records. When the records were proven to be phony, Rather apologized to everyone but President Bush. CBS News has promised to get to the bottom of the incident, but hasn't come across with the results of their independent investigation.

In a story I read recently, Jim Geraghty wrotes: I really want to see the results of that CBS internal investigation. There's no way CBS will face the music and admit that the "60 Minutes II" story was a cheap-shot, amateur, sloppy, partisan, nasty, half-witted bit of hackery and that the guys in pajamas ran rings around them. If it was, they wouldn't be letting Rather stay on to keep doing "60 Minutes II" reports. And they wouldn't be delaying his "Evening News" departure until March.

Imagine. It was the dilligent efforts of a blogger and the blogshere that probbaly saddled Rather with his fate. The bad thing is Rather is going to be staying with the "60 Minutes" programming.

I think CBS and Rather are trying to get out of this situation graciously. Even with Rather bowing out, I still believe it's going to hurt him in the long run and put a dark cloud on his reputation as well as news-gathering capabilities. It's hard to believe the man who replaced Walter Conkrite would give so much up when he believed there was no wrong doing.

The blogsphere definitely had a hand in bringing Rather down. At one time, I believe he proclaimed himself as the "top-dog" in television news, too.


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