Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Future of digital media is bright, too features an interview with Jeff Jarvis, president and creative director at, Editor,, on the future of digital media. Jarvis sees the future of the media as highly influenced by the demand of the consumers controlling media and its content, creating news easily with cheap blogging software, and distributing ads in their blogs. Not only does this reversed roll of demander and supplier of news put into question the expenditure of traditional media, it also reinforces the notion of user-generated contents. Jarvis suggests that the marketplace will no longer be centralized, but rather decentralized and highly specialized at once. There are lessons to be learned of this prediction for both sides: "Big media has to learn to be more honest -- that is, to level with its public, to reveal its prejudices and process as citizen journalists do. [And in return,] bloggers would benefit from learning how to write better headlines and leads and nut graphs," says Jeff Jarvis


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