Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Get out to vote

This election is different. And you really feel that this country is engaged. Whether or not people actually vote? Well, we'll have to wait to see what the turnout is.But the issues are so big ever since 9/11. We're at war. This could not be a bigger choice. And you've got to admit that these candidates could not be more different philosophically and you cannot be undecided. Think about people who would like to vote in Iraq and are being shot out on the streets because they, as yet, have not figured out to game a January election that will be safe.

I get so sick and tired of hearing people talking about two Americas. I'm not talking about health care and all that, I'm just talking about a divided America. I'll tell you, there is one America. I've made people angry this entire campaign, whether it was going after John Kerry's speech or George Bush's performance in the debate. But I can tell you, regardless of whoever wins Tuesday, America will be strong Wednesday morning.Anybody that's been watching this damn election has to know that both of these gentlemen have been through a brutalizing process. Regardless of what happens, we move forward. I do not believe we live in two Americas.

John Kerry is not going to take us out of Iraq the next day, he better not. John Kerry is not going to raise taxes 100 percent. George Bush is not going to move us sharply to the right or the left. We've had Michael Moore on the left -- and we've had others on the right that have made a lot of money by trying to scare Americans in the middle. People have used division as a marketing tool to sell books, to sell movies, to sell hate speech.But we've got two responsible men running for president of the United States. And this is a celebration. This is why I love America so much.


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