Thursday, November 11, 2004

Loyal newspaper readers go online

According to the Editor and Publisher magazine, Among so-called "loyal" newspaper readers -- those who read a newspaper at least three times a week, including Sundays -- 72% go online daily while only 42% read the newspaper daily, according to a new study commissioned by the Internet company Yahoo! The study took place in two parts, both a quantitative segment that surveyed 1,182 people 18 and older in six cities across the country and a qualitative portion that consisted of observational interviews with 22 18- to 49-year-olds in the San Francisco and New York areas while they read the newspaper and went online in their natural environments. The quantitative survey was conducted by Ipsos and the qualitative research was conducted by Faulkner Focus.

Among the study's other findings:
• 59% of "newspaper loyalists" read news online at least daily. Only 18% read their local newspaper online at least daily.
• 83% read the front section regularly, and 75% read the metro section regularly. But fewer than 50% regular read the following sections: sports, coupons, lifestyle, editorial/commentary, food/dining, TV listings, politics, travel, home, jobs/employment, classifieds, real estate, fashion, and auto/transportation.
• 69% report that they go online for local information, like weather and local news.


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