Tuesday, November 30, 2004

A night of sadness

I had been in Duluth all day with health problems of my own and din't even get more bad news until i got home. My son asked if I had heard the news. "About what, I asked? "Notre Dame's football coach Ty Willingham was fired," he said. Now, we'll see if the blogging network focuses on this with its pack journalistic and selective writings. I doubt it. No one cares about a black football coach who is in one of the hottest football pressure cookers in the country. Why is it always the coache's fault. I'm tired of heraing the same verse from different writers all the time. Can't we be original and write positive things in support. This guy did a tough job. The trouble with football experts is that they don't figure that other teams get better. They don't believe in parity. They think one school with a rich football tradition should be getting the great players all the time. It's making me sick. it's making me ill to hear the same crap all the time on sports radio and the sports Internet. Pack journalism sucks. Nothing different. It's the same crap all the time. Why didn't we hear that under the circumstances Willingham did a heck of a job. No, they'll get another coach and the same thing will happen again. Tha's the trouble with sports. There's no patience anymore. it's must win all the time. It stinks.


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