Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Selective journalism continues............

As I sat down with my morning coffee and surfed the net, newspapers and news channels I have taken even more notice of the selective journalism style mainstream journalism and blogging is taken a liking to. Turn on the sports net, and we see nothing but talk about the Bowl Championship Series. It happens everythime this point of the year. Who's numbe rone, who's not. Can't we get on to another subject. How about coaching firings etc.....isn't there feel-good stories in sports that are happening. Iraq, Iraq Iraq. I know it's the thing happening, but what about other things we have to focus on like the economy, drugs for seniors, medical help for the poor, job security, straightening the cost of Social Security, trubng to make educational opportunities more fair and balanced. We are harping Iraq to death. if it's not soldiers dying, it's the elections or how the religious factions are upset over the imbalance....just anything on the war. Why don't bloggers harp on the economics and how the rich keep getting richer? Why don't we talk about policitcs in the job market? Why is Christmas costing each of us on the average of around $700 when last year it was $676. What about the violence and thefts on our college campuses that cost taxpayers a ton of money and give our schools a blackeye.

Why do we always talk about educators not doing their jobs and we don't hear, or read a thing about it. We blog, blog, blog about the political races and our future leaders. We don't focus on the issues. maybe we don't know what the issues are. Maybe we're not a focuses society. We have the attention span of a puppy. The news and happenings in all of our media is boring and uninfomative. Yet, we criticize every media outlet and boast the comings of the Internet.


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