Thursday, November 25, 2004

Thanksgiving reflection

I have some things to be very thankful for this holiday. For one, my health isn't as bad as we thought. It's bad, but not totally off the wall. I'm going to be alive for awhile. How healthy I'll be in that life is another thing. I have also decided after reading books, Internet posts, stories, news blogs and other blogs that the next thing I will dabble in is wikis. It seems wikis are a lot more scholarly and more geared to the constant exchange of ideas and thoughts, and are constructed to get a more unified meaning of a subject. With a blog, you can read something but your opinion is there and no one can add or edit anything to make it more cohesive. It's like the handout we had on Performance Art. Other writers can enhance your picture by making contributions and adidng value to your original piece. After careful reflection and working on the project for the last couple of months, I think it's important for me to shelve my ego and allow the community to interject their ideas and thoughts to enhance my yearning and desire to learn. My goal since my illness has been to constanty learn, ask questions and then compute. The wiki, after reading the assigned readings and material prescribed, makes me think it's the tool for me to be able to continualy compute and evolve into the scholar I want to be.

Also, today is a time to reflect on family. It makes me that much more miss and yearmn for my Mom. Holidays were hers to provide the true substance of the meaning of family. After her death, the holidays are clouded a little with a little emptiness. My dad would rather be by himself, my son is in Florida with his family, my sister has hers in Lakeville and my brother has his family regiment in Buxton, North Dakota. I have my wife and I appreciate her very much, but one should be able to fill in the giant cavern of loneliness during the holidays. Christmas will probably be better. That's when my son and his wife will be coming home. Enough said of this sappiness.


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