Monday, November 22, 2004

War and the Media

Hundreds of thousands of citizens have seen the view from a video camera where a Marine in Fallujah shot a wounded insurgent inside a mosque and he is currently under investigation. The Television network decided to show the piece. Why? I guess because it demonstrated what goes on in battle and gives people back at home a clear idea of the rigors of war soldiers face.
On the tape, one could hear, "He's faking he's dead. He's faking he's dead." And then shot the insurgent. It's clar the soldier thought he was in danger and didn't know the guy was left there the day before by American soldiers to receive medical help. It is also not uncommon for bodies to be booby-trapped. ANother game the enemy likes to play. The Marines also have a code to follow in engaging the enemy. Something this soldier took very seriously. Can you imagine what a grenade could have done to a platoon? I don't think soldiers, or some of them, don't go in with the idea of kill.

Viewing the tape could be taken two ways. There could be the thought the Marine killed the enemy because he wanted to. The other, he was scared he may be killed. No one knows unless they are there. But the mainstream media and the blogshere could have a feld day in talking about pros and cons. And usually, the soldier will come up on the losing end because we judge from home and have no idea what war is like.

The soldier may have made a mistake, but things are throught through different under stress. The soldier was keyed on protecting himself and his unit. That's what was important.


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