Friday, November 12, 2004

Websites, bloggers upset British police

(From Online British police union will ask the High Court next week to prevent their force from publishing officers’ photos online, BBC News reports. Officers from the Devon and Cornwall Constabulary claimed that photographs posted on the police Web site made them and their families targets of verbal and physical abuse. “I think they have an arguable case,” solicitor Eoin Fowell said. “Pictures of them on a Web site constitutes personal data under the Data Protection Act. The Police Authority has to have a good reason to use that information and the courts are increasing how seriously they take these rights.” Although more than 100 officers refused to comply, the force required each to have a photograph on the Web to improve community relations. “We know from our research that, where residents know and can clearly identify their local officer, their confidence in policing is substantially improved,” the force said.


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