Saturday, November 27, 2004

What it is, is selective journalism

After reading websites, online newspapers and top magazines like Editor and Pubisher, Journalism Review, Editor Weblogs amongst others, I've come to te realization that blogging more than likely is only a form of journalism....selective journalism. Unlike a newspaper or the mainstream print and briadcats media who give you a rounded-picture (or attempt to), blogging gives you a piece of the story by blogging on a selective topic, whether it be sports, politics, world or national news or economics. Over the past few monhs, I have also posted articles from some online sources to show what they're meanings of the news are, as well as citizen journalism, the future of journalism as we know it and other items. When I look back at what has been posted and commented on, the thing that strikes me the most is, is that I am commenting on the impact of these articles that focus on single topics only, not a vatiety of topics. That's why bloggers are successful in what they do. They harp and focus on the subject dear to them, while the mainstream focuses on a little of everything, which means they aren't able to focuse exclusively on a subject. A paper can't contain one subject articles. That's where the special feature sections come in. So, while we tend to say blogs have the impact because they have check finders, search engines and other things where they can focus and get information on a subject, the mainsteeam goes with sources' credibility. It seems I have a better understanding on this blogging versus journalism subject.

We tend to read on the Internet one-sided stories. A part of a story writers want to focus on without giving the entire picture. I see this happening in the sports world where we want to focus on scandal and focus on a few bad apples and decisions that give athletics a blackeye. But we don't talk to the other side. We forget there are two sids to every story and this is what bloggers have gained notoriety for.


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