Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Why report was blogged

From The Lost Remote: In his personal blog, NBC journalist Kevin Sites explains his reasons for reporting on the controversial Marine shooting inside a Fallouja mosque. His decision has led many to call him anti-patriotic. Sites writes, "It's time you to have the facts from me, in my own words, about what I saw - without imposing on that Marine - guilt or innocence or anything in between. I want you to read my account and make up your own minds about whether you think what I did was right or wrong." Sites' blog is not affiliated with NBC News.

I have read and watched several reports of war blogging from embedded journalists. They are important to the credibility of what's going on in the war. it truly gives us a fair and balanced look at all sides of war. Sites report isn't the only one online, either. There have been many excellent embedded reports to give readers an exact picture our invlovement. And some of these embedded journalists have given their life for us to understand the rigors of war.


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