Wednesday, December 01, 2004

What does it all mean

What does it all mean to be able to blog words, thoughts, ideas, philosophies or other utterly nonsense. What does it mean to have the words and mind of an author. To write about every moment of the day, evening, week, year. Minute by minute we write, but we writers melt like ice cubes into the darkness and what we have written is forgotten. What does it all mean. Most remember what we write about. We're all but forgotten. What does it all mean to care about society enough to write our thoughts and opinions. But in the end, you know what? No one remembers and our verbal bashings didn't do any good. Like ice cubes, writers just melt back into society and await another fiasco to take place. But writers and bloggers didn't change anything. Did all that political blogging elect us a new president? Did it really help the old one. Die it, or does it continue, to change the face of war. The face of killing and murder of the innocent. Does it really help education. Does it keep our schools open? Does it help put money into the vaults of our univesities? Does it eliminate prejudice? Doe it do any damn good? No. When we blog, write, or paddle down the mainstream media we feel good about the cuases we fight for. We write for passion against causes of abuse, malnourishment, for quality education, for a better life, a better society...for a better mankind. In the end, we fade into black. Our words remain, but that's all theya re. Every says they understand and become ferociously hungry to do something. To fight, but in the end we tire and move on to something else. That's the way blogging is. We fight for awhile with a focus on an injustice and we move on when the landscape tires of us, or we fail to make an impact because no one hears our words.
Did we do anything about theft, hunger, corruption, world leadership, war, helping humanity heal or show compassion. No. We attack, attack attack and attack some more. Never enabling any type of healing. We're not a nation of healers. We're a nation of keeping wounds open and to allow them to fester with the sickness of infection. We see it on the news. We see it in our communities. We see it every where we look. Everywhere we turn into the media for knowledge. Do we want to do something after the knowledge.
We move on ad find something else to mutilate. We blog for simplicity. We don't blog to be positive. We strive on negativity. Perhaps that's why blogging is what it is.


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